Tips before selling your home

Dated: November 17 2021

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Getting your home home sold for top dollar is my #1 top priority. I am ready to serve my clients. There are a few steps to think about when getting ready to sell.  Continue reading to learn more.

Meet with me, a professional real estate agent

I can save you a lot of time and energy by guiding you through the prelisting phase.  I am here to serve you and help you decide if listing your home is the right option. When representing you as a seller, I am legally and ethically obligated to work for your best interests. From assisting you in organizing your thoughts and defining your goals - and helping to formulate a plan to meet them - to preparing your home for sale and positioning and representing it in the market, I work to maximize the sale of your home.

Price Correctly

Listing your home at the proper market value is critical to selling within a reasonable timeframe. Be cautious of marketing decisions based on valuations online.  Instead, allow me to use my knowledge of the local market area as a resource. I have many useful suggestions on ways to improve the marketability of your property, including cosmetic repairs and other items that will create a favorable impression among buyers.


Curb appeal is the first impression when walking up to the house.  Spruce up the landscaping by adding mulch, trimming bushes and adding a pop of color with fresh flowers. Highlighting the home’s most desirable features draws more interest. If your house is filled with personal mementos, it is more difficult for a buyer to picture themselves living there.  Placing large pieces of furniture or family photos in storage is worth the effort to help sell your home quicker and leave a lasting impression. Deep clean the small spaces.  It is obvious to say to clean a home prior to showings but it's important to remember the small spots.  Take your time to scrub those pesky areas where dust likes to cling.

Professional Photography

I use a professional photographer to show your home in the best light. The modern day home search usually starts online and first impressions are very important. Majority of buyers look at pictures first and if it peaks their interest they will continue their search in person.


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Tips before selling your home

Getting your home home sold for top dollar is my #1 top priority. I am ready to serve my clients. There are a few steps to think about when getting ready to sell.  Continue reading to learn.

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