What should I plant in my garden?

Dated: August 3 2021

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When planting flowers in your garden there are a lot of things to think about.  How much sun or shade does the area get? What colors should I choose? When is the best time to plant flowers in my garden?  Below are just a few ideas to have a desirable garden with decorative touches.

Try Something Different

Just because you might not have heard of a plant before doesn't necessarily mean it's hard to grow. Take Fritillaria for example. This gorgeous spring-flowering bulb isn't as well known as tulips or daffodils, but its striking blooms come in a variety of sizes and colors that pair well with more common bulbs. Here, Fritillaria persica, or Persian lily, adds extra interest to a bed of red tulips. Plant in full sun or part shade and well-drained soil. Both are hardy in Zones 4-8, and can reach up to 3 feet tall.


Mix Herbs and Flowers

Create a colorful and fragrant spring garden by mixing flowering herbs and perennials that bloom together in May and June. In this border, chives and lavender bloom in front of Amsoniabearded iris, and peony. The variety of heights helps make this garden bed for full sun look full and lush, especially during late spring when everything is in bloom.

Rely on Annuals

Hot, sunny conditions are no problem for annuals such as petunia and pentas. These two plants are super easy to grow and will bloom nonstop from May to September in containers or borders. They both also attract bees and butterflies. Give them a spot in full sun with well-drained soil, and they'll add color to your garden all summer.

Go Tropical

You don't need to live near the equator to enjoy the beauty of tropical plants. As long as the temperatures are hot and humid, tropical plants will reward you with colorful foliage and flowers all summer long. This grouping includes Alocasiacoleusimpatiens, and Cuphea. Unless you live in the southernmost parts of the U.S. (including Florida and Texas), many tropical plants will just be annuals, but they can still thrive for the summer in your garden.

Mix Flower Shapes

Add interest to your summer garden by mixing flowers with different shapes together. For example, here the wide, trumpet-shape blooms of 'Stella d Oro' daylily mingle beautifully with the dainty white flower stalks of 'Husker Red' penstemon. The result looks like a living bouquet.

Keep Butterflies in Mind

Butterflies, bees, and other pollinators will flock to your yard when you include a generous supply of nectar-rich flowers in your garden. These creatures are active from spring to fall but are busiest in late summer when the temperatures heat up. Two butterfly favorites include yellow black-eyed Susan and purple ageratum.

Remember there are no gardening mistakes, only experiments.  So have fun and enjoy your beautiful garden. For a more comprehensive list of ideas click the source link below.  I would love to see your garden... comment with pictures of your creative ideas!

Mindy Guidry, JPar Realtor

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source: Landscape Basics

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